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‘An amazing performance!’ THE TRIP rocks the Dana Point Yacht Club for New Years Eve bash!!

An amazing performance!
Even though I’ve seen The Trip perform 3 times before and was impressed each time, as were all my friends, I was nervous in hiring any band because an entire New Years Eve event hinged on the success of the band (as did my reputation). Turns out I had no reason to worry because The Trip pulled off the best NYE performance we’ve ever had. From the first song the dance floor was packed, and it stayed that way all through the night. The Trip can play to any audience, and our group’s age was perfect for the 60s to 90s music that they targeted for us. One of the most common comments we heard was that The Trip sounded just like the original bands that made the songs famous. You don’t often hear a band that can pull off Journey, the Eagles and AC/DC very well. They even learned a song just for our event which had a James Bond theme, so they opened with the James Bond theme song. It made for an awesome night.  – DAN